Start Balls

Bowling club

Bowling Club

Start Balls

Combine with pleasure!

You will find a cozy atmosphere, pleasant music, great bowling lanes and, of course, an unforgettable evening in the company of friends!

The “Start Balls” bowling club is waiting for you with a pleasant company of friends! Test your bowling skills, are you able to calculate the force and weight of the ball enough to strike out accurately?

Why visit us?

1. Huge number of tracks

Our bowling club “Start Balls” has 18 bowling lanes, so you can come to us with confidence, and you won’t get upset when you hear “Unfortunately, all lanes are busy”. Of course, it’s always better to book, but we also understand the sudden desire to “play” bowling, passing by our club


Unobtrusive atmosphere, pleasant staff, quality and perfectly polished lanes!


Caring and attentive staff. If you have never played bowling, they will tell you the rules, tell you which balls are better for “beginners” and will always be there if you need anything.

Tournament organization

To increase interest, we can organize a “tournament” for your company (pre-registration is required).


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